Neuromarketing finally available in Sweden

Brains are astonishing operating system that science is finally beginning to understand. It is solely responsible for how an individual behaves and what kind of decisions she or he will make. Thus understanding how the brain works should be the top priority for every marketer. Why?

Let’s take a metaphor: You have a car and for some weird reasons it doesn’t work as it should. There is noise and even smoke coming under the car’s hood. Fortunately your mechanic ensures he can figure out what is the problem and how to fix it. He listens to your car, sniffs the smoke and even touches it, then gives you a cool looking presentation with recommendations and everything. And naturally a hefty bill. Would you believe in him? How can he say anything without bothering to check what’s inside, how the engine really works and what in this particular case might be a challenge?

It is the same with marketing and business decisions.

It is FAR better to see and know what really happens under the “hood” than try to guess based on vague sounds. My personal interest in neuroscience is rooted exactly in that, in my desire to know what really made people to act like they did, regardless of what they say. Knowing how the engine under the hood works and using metrics for measuring its activity is not only essential for any good business decision, it’s also fascinating and captivating.  You are able to work in the field which is sometimes sounds like science fiction. For example, one of my research project at the University of Helsinki is studying how to control computer games via thought, and concurrently rehabilitate dysfunctional parts in users’ brains.

In summary, to me it is amazing how little marketers have utilized the possibilities the neuroscience can offer.

Fortunately the possibility is now in your reach!

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