Colors can say more than a thousand words

Many of the previous articles here on Top box have highlighted the importance of colors in images and colors of brands. This article is no exception. The choice of color is no coincidence and choosing the right color for your graphic profile and your brand is of great importance. Both color and shapes influence our perception, moods and our behaviour and as you know, it can even affect our purchase decisions.

Since images give the brain a lot of information rapidly we process that kind of information faster than we can process information from what we hear or read. We know that the brain is constantly making mental shortcuts and color is the visual component we remember the most when we think of different brands, followed by shapes/symbols, numbers and words. This makes priming through colors effective in advertising and research suggest that colorful ads are read 42% more often than black and white ads.

The theory behind colors in branding is that we link colors to different associations. These associations can depend on factors such as cultural background and gender. Still, there are universal associations. The same colors can also have different meanings in different contexts. Green can symbolize nature with associations such as peacefulness and optimism. It can also symbolize money that usually comes with more stressful associations.

Many of the world’s most recognizable brands rely on color as a key factor in their instant recognition, as colors increases brand recognition up to 80%. It’s not hard to realize that choosing the right color that goes in line with your brand or your message is important and that it is effective to claim and seek to own certain colors. In the featured image you can see an interesting scheme of colors and associations towards different brands that was posted recently in the marketing blog:

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