How To Make Your Presentation Great

Once you finish your written PowerPoint slides to present your product, your idea, your fantastic campaign result or something like that, you’re only halfway done. You have one other great thing to consider before you have your great presentation.

When you’re standing in front of an audience, a lack of confidence can compel you to nervously rush through your material, forgetting along the way that the purpose of a presentation is to actually benefit your audience. Not just talk your PowerPoint slides through.

It’s great if you know your presentation by heart, but you also should practice proper body language. And you’ll appear more relaxed and in control. Some people do this without thinking about it, they just have a fantastic way of speaking without words but other people need to practice. And it’s not impossible to learn..

SOAP Presentations in São Paulo, Brazil, are experts within this area and specializes in creating presentations that merge visual appeal with business intelligence. Below you can find their most important body language techniques to make you look like a natural in front of your boss, colleagues, and clients.

To boost your confidence during your presentation, open your chest and arms and keep your back straight. This position will make you breathe better and you’ll feel more relaxed.

1. To make your audience comfortable, simply smile at them. Smiling is our most powerful weapon.

2. To engage people, gesture with your arms and hands in a natural way, and look your audience in the eyes. People tend naturally to pay attention and like people who look them in the eyes.

3. To demonstate authority, keep calm and use small and stiff gestures. This way people will trust you and view you as a confident person.

4. To bring movement to your speech, use the physical space you have available and walk it. For example if you’re presenting three points, talk about a point when you’re at your first position; then move out 2 or 3 steps and talk about point B; this way, a movement that includes space will accompany your speech.

5. To keep you audience’s attention, vary your gestures throughout the presentation. Open gestures, small gestures. Gestures that involve your head, arms and hands, gestures that involve only your hands, or onlur your head, broad gestures…

6. To draw attention to a certain element of the presentation point directly at it and look at it on the screen at the same time. Your audience will follow your eyes and finger.

There are many other body language tips you can use during a presentation, do you know any? Please share in a comment below!