Your message needs attention!

Do you need to predict how customers will respond to your message, product or offering.

Eye tracking from Straylight reveals how actively the brain decodes different messages and whether the customer notices you. We do not ask questions but study how customers’ eyes move and see different things.

Our eyes are an important source of information and eye movements create insights on what is being processed. Eye tracking is therefore one of the fastest growing survey methods.


Eye tracking is a form of Neuromarketing

Attention is created by the fact that certain things in the outside world stand out from their surroundings and immediately catch our attention.

We are all attracted by visually prominent stimulis because they help our brains identify what is important.

Understanding the attention process is something you need as a marketer for creating effective advertising. If you fail creating attention, no one will notice you.

When you look at e.g. an image, a shelf or an object, the parts that are noticed during the first milliseconds are the most prominent parts of what you see. The use of Eye tracking help you predict which parts of an image or environment grab the customer’s attention and can be used to analyse printed ads, packages, web pages, outdoor banners, shelves, store layouts and much more.

Without attention, information is not processed. Without information processing, no memories are created and probably no behavior will be affected. In a world of thousands of messages that battle your attention every day, eye tracking can be the difference that guides success.

One method we use to test new designs is to build digital stores and then do Eye-tracking.