Neuromarketing & More

This is the Straylight blogg page with insights we would like to share with you. We are interested in the boarder line between marketing, behavioral economics and neuro science. Happy reading.


Think RECOGNITON for your brand!

RECOGNITION OR RECALL Branding is about creating memories of a product or service. What we previous have experienced and learned have impact on how we behave and take decisions. There are different types of memories but the marketing industry is focused mainly on recall. Almost all brand trackers are built on recall memories only, even […]

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Colors can say more than a thousand words

Many of the previous articles here on Top box have highlighted the importance of colors in images and colors of brands. This article is no exception. The choice of color is no coincidence and choosing the right color for your graphic profile and your brand is of great importance. Both color and shapes influence our […]

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Google is winning

Google is a winning company and we understand why. A little more than two years ago, in January 2011, Larry Page took over the title CEO after Eric Schmidt. This was a time when Google had to fight towards brands such as Facebook, which stole both employees and users. Google’s Android grew but Apple kept […]

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