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This is the Straylight blogg page with insights we would like to share with you. We are interested in the boarder line between marketing, behavioral economics and neuro science. Happy reading.


Understanding The Mind of The Shopper

Shopping is a complex experience that begins with goals and expectations in the mind of the shopper and ends with a decision to buy or not to buy. In between, it’s a physical experience that involves navigating through physical space, activating all our senses, and weighing lots of alternatives. Shopping can be, and often is, […]

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Building The Perfect Website With Brain Science

Neuromarketing can make a contribution to website design in three powerful ways: Help designers understand how people’s brains actually consume web pages Eye tracking applied to website viewing has shown that gaze patterns are determined by two types of attention: Bottom-up attention: This type of attention is involuntary and automatic. When viewing websites, bottom-up attention is […]

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