Telia – Star Brand of 2014!

Telia is a brand that dare to try new methods and this has paid off. Last year Telia strengthened its brand most compared to Sweden’s tone brands and this rewarded them as Star Brand of The Year.

According to YouGov and Indikat the general impression of Telia doubled during the year and their brand reputation has turned from negative numbers to positive.

– We have a customer-driven approach to how we need to develop our business going forward and what we need to accomplish in our market to further strengthen the brand. Says Nicholas Rundbom, Press Officer at Telia.

Rundbom also points out other successful actions they have done. For example, Telia has  developed a new communication concept that clarifies the sender and message. The company is more sparingly with how many messages it puts on the market.

Together with Straylight, Telia has tested their concept with Neuromarketing and used the gained insights to optimize their communication. A tactic that clearly has paid off!

We say congratulations to Telia – Star Brand of The Year in Sweden.